Applying to Midwifery in Ontario is not the most pleasant experience and I’ve just started! I filled out the initial application with the Ontario University Application Centre. Only 3 schools in Ontario offer Midwifery, Ryerson in Toronto, McMaster in Hamilton and Laurentian in Sudbury. I’ve been to school in Sudbury once, and am not keen on doing it again, plus we own a house and the bf has a good job with RIM. McMaster is very academically oriented and well, I was not exactly the best student in high school (I’m seriously being judged on something I did 10 years ago!) so Ryerson it is. However, I can only apply to 1 school at a time and each school only takes about 25-30 people per year. Ouch. So, sent in the prelim app which cost me $205! Now I have to write a personal letter, send in transcripts and the written portion of the application by February 1st. I then have to wait until sometime in March to hear if I get an interview in April, then go to the interview and wait another month or 2 to find out if I get in. Whew, talk about a long process. The wait will kill me.

In the meantime I need to finish the pre-req courses, of which I am 1/5 of the way through English and need to start my social science. Thankfully I have until June 24th to finish them. I also need to get my license and continue paying down my student loans.

Lots to do and it feels like there is such little time to do it!

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